Parent Previews' legacy code, CMS, and site design just wasn't getting a five star rating anymore.

Project: Parent Previews

The authority on family movie reviews, Parent Previews approached me to create a new design and architecture that encouraged a stronger community and invited a new level of readership and engagement.

In addition to helping Parent Previews with the forward-facing portion of their website, I created a custom CMS implementation to make publishing a simpler, more efficient process.

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A one-man shop Specializing in handcrafted web design & development.

Projects typically range from small to medium-size. One of my earliest projects was a blog for a podcast. Recently I prototyped a web app that is expected to have millions of users. More of My Work →

Early is a one-man shop based in Santa Clara, California. I live on the web, and understand it. Because Early is just me, I often team up with partners to get things done quickly and efficiently. More About Early →

I always like to start things off with a few questions. This worksheet will help to get us on the same page.

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