OutSystems wanted to appeal to a broader audience with a strong first impression.

Project: OutSystems

The OutSystems homepage was geared towards its existing user and customer community. The primary goal of the redesign was to make the homepage more friendly and easier to understand for newcomers. I brought content that was previously hidden deep in the site's structure to the forefront.

Clear calls to action were designed to increase conversion rates, and imagery was used to create a more colorful and engaging page.

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A one-man shop Specializing in handcrafted web design & development.

Projects typically range from small to medium-size. One of my earliest projects was a blog for a podcast. Recently I prototyped a web app that is expected to have millions of users. More of My Work →

Early is a one-man shop based in Santa Clara, California. I live on the web, and understand it. Because Early is just me, I often team up with partners to get things done quickly and efficiently. More About Early →

I always like to start things off with a few questions. This worksheet will help to get us on the same page.

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