Yeah, I wear a lot of hats around here, but you always know who you're dealing with from beginning to end.

The designer hat The developer hat The explorer hat The businessman hat


The first hat is always that of designer. Interaction, user experience, and graphic design are what I'm all about. This is definitely the hat that gets the most wear and tear.


Engineering and wrangling html and css is another passion of mine. Creating clean, structured, maintainable code is what keeps my inner geek satisfied.


New things are happening on the web every hour. It takes an avid explorer to keep up with it all. Continuing education and learning isn't a chore, it's simply a chance to explore.


Running a profitable business is what keeps Early afloat. Invoicing, proposals, and project management, all fall under this businessman's fedora. I understand business.

The personal hat

Conor Muirhead

My name is Conor Muirhead, I'm the guy that wears all the hats. I was born in Connecticut, raised in Canada, and now I'm raising my two daughters in California.

Strategic Partner: Creative Jam

Creative Jam

Sometimes I partner with Creative Jam (run by my Dad) to provide clients with all they need. Creative Jam has been in the business since the mid 90s, and touts clients like Netscape, Palm, and SonicWALL.