I can't be the best at everything, so I've chosen a few things to focus on, these are the areas where I shine.

Services & Skill Set Ratings Chart: Prototyping(8/10), Interaction Design(10/10), HTML Markup(9/10), CSS Style(9/10), Javascript Behavior(7/10), Custom CMS Integration(9/10)

See me in action.

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Getting to the heart of online interactions and user experience can be costly when working in high fidelity. Prototyping is fast, efficient, and allows all involved to focus on the things that matter most.

Interaction Design

The web is much more than a static canvas, you don't need static visuals, you need interactions and experiences. I spend time thinking about how people will experience and interact with your site.

HTML Markup

The html markup behind your site is like a skeleton (not the ones you keep in closets). It's this structure that allows flexibility, longevity, and agility. I handcraft your markup building for today and tomorrow.

CSS Style

I always separate your site's structure from style to provide the fastest, and most future-proof site possible. This means your site's structure is lean, while your style stays maintainable, and changeable.

Javascript Behavior

The last layer I apply to any site is the behavioral layer. I use the jQuery javascript library to bring dynamic interactions to your site. These interactions are carefully designed to aid user experience and never to distract.

Custom Content Management

Things on the web are always changing, and the content on your sites is likely no exception. I can assemble you a custom cms implementation that allows you to update your site without involving an expert.